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“We’ll free the people with music.”

- Bob Marley

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Our Story

One Mind. One Body. One Spirit. One Love.

One Mind. One Body. One Spirit. One Love.

OneFirelight co-founder Kathryn Leary found herself at a crossroad as a young college student studying abroad in Jamaica and trying to discover her path in life. She had the great fortune of meeting and getting to know a then-relatively unknown local musician. His name was Bob Marley and his music is everlasting.

It was through his music that she found the motivation to complete her education with an MBA from Stanford University. She understood the healing and nurturing power of his words and knew that she could help others achieve spiritual enrichment by drawing inspiration from the magic of Bob Marley’s musical expressions. His music and the music of other conscious Jamaican artists, such as Marley’s grandson Skip, fuel this wellness experience.

The OneFirelight wellness and fitness app intends to embody the ideals of community, fellowship and hope at a time when the world needs them most. The intention of OneFirelight is to promote the unity of “ONE,” bringing people together as one body, one mind, one spirit, and one love.

Decorative flowers
Decorative flowers

Fitness that embraces the healing benefits of nature.

Beauty. Diversity. Self-perpetuating life. Every truth found in nature can help us to make the mind, body, spirit connection. It also happens to be an awesome backdrop to our fitness videos.

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Our Founders


Kathryn Leary

Kathryn embraces her passion in bringing people to a place of wellness and strength, while drawing from her personal connection to global iconic musician Bob Marley and his expressions and rhythms of love, peace and unity to enhance a spiritual space. Through the OneFirelight platform combining the music of Bob Marley, Grandson Skip Marley and other conscious Jamaican artists, hundreds of soul nurturing practices are created to inspire, heal and provide the strength to embrace the world.

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Janet Montag

Janet is devoted to bringing awareness of the healing power of nature, music and the arts in order to nurture one’s self for a more balanced and meaningful life and believes there is no physical health without mental health. She is supportive of a wellness platform that allows for exploration of different types of fitness classes, a variety of instructors, and access to healing modalities, such as meditation and sound therapy in order to build inner as well as outer strength. Her approach is to empower the OneFirelight community by focusing on health, nature, fitness, arts, and creating one’s own path to healing.

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Diana K. Leary

Diana is driven in her endless search for world class instructors to bring unique and one-of-a-kind offerings in yoga, strength and cardio workouts, dance, sound healing and meditation practices designed to calm the mind, strengthen the body and uplift the spirit. She draws on her Broadway experiences in theater arts having worked on such productions as The Book of Mormon to present exceptional fitness and wellness performances. The icing on the cake is working together with her mother Kathryn on producing OneFirelight – truly a labor of love.

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Our Logo

The Doctor Bird

Our logo was inspired by the doctor bird or swallow tail humming bird (Trochilus Polytmus), one of the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds. It lives only in Jamaica.

These birds’ beautiful feathers have no counterpart in the entire bird population and they produce iridescent colors characterstic only of that family. In addition to these beautiful feathers, the mature male has two long tails which stream behind him when he flies. For years the doctor bird has been immortalized in Jamaican folklore and song.

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