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14 Day Earth Stone Wellness

Allow earth stones and crystals to re-energize your wellness routine and foster a more balanced, healthier you.

This 14-day guide was created to provide a deeply nurturing and balanced wellness routine in 20 minutes or less a day. Incorporating the vibrating energy of earth stones into your daily routine will help you to calm your mind, move your body and nourish your soul in a unique and powerful way. Each day features a theme for the class focus and two wonderful class offerings for you to choose from. There’s no right or wrong, pick your own path to a better you and enjoy the experience of bringing nature’s precious gifts into your wellness routine.

Decorative flowers
Decorative flowers

Five to Revive Guide

This guide was designed to give you quick and accessible self-care practices. By integrating these classes into your daily life, you’ll find the perfect remedy to revive not only your body, mind and spirit but also foster a deeper sense of overall well being. All in Five Minutes!

Movement Fundamentals

This collection of 6 videos is designed to teach you how to execute specific exercise poses incorporated into many of our workouts. Each video breaks down one pose into its fundamental components empowering you to move with confidence while you take a class.Whether you’re just embarking on your exercise journey or seeking to ensure precise alignment and safety in your workouts, these videos offer an excellent starting point for your fitness goals!

30-Day Guide to Wellness and Fitness

Ready to Launch (or Re-Launch) Into a Wellness and Fitness Journey?

OneFirelight is Here to Help with Your New Well-being, Prove You Can Do It, and Most Importantly, have fun!

5-45 Min Workouts / Moves You Can Master / Support at Every Step
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10-Minute Guide to Full Body Wellness

Studies show that exercising 10 minutes a day can provide significant benefits for your health, fitness, and mood.

This 14-day guide was created to take the guesswork out of what classes to take so you can achieve your goal of daily movement. It provides a well-rounded selection of cardio and also targets specific areas such as arms, legs, and core. It's quick, efficient and fun!

OneFirelight is here to help care for your Mind, Body, and Soul!

High Vibration Guide

A 14-Day Meditation Guide with Crystals and Earth Stones

Crystals and Earth Stones are natural treasures of Mother Earth, widely recognized for their vibration and restorative properties. They are thought to emit powerful energy and when used in meditation, they can help balance and align the body’s own energy systems, clear negativity, increase intuition, provide a grounding force and promote relaxation. This 14-day guided meditation program incorporates these precious crystals and earthstones to deepen your practice and praomote well-being and inner peace, even without them physically present.

OneFirelight helps you Calm Your Mind, Move Your Body, and Nourish Your Soul!

Decorative flowers
Decorative flowers
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