Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman Who Can Box

Boxing empowers women and builds confidence by promoting a resilient state of health and wellbeing. This physical exercise also provides a full body workout that strengthens and builds muscle tone, improves balance, posture and endurance, as well as overall cardiovascular conditioning. Therefore, by boxing women become more empowered, self-sufficient and confident in their ability to prepare for physical challenges, and this is especially important for women, who are mistakenly considered the weaker sex.

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Decorative flowers

Welcome to OneFirelight®

OneFirelight® is a newly introduced inspirational online wellness platform that promotes unity, strength and a sense of balance through a diverse catalog of hundreds of one-of-a-kind streaming fitness classes. Most of the classes are exquisitely filmed in nature and choreographed to the licensed soul-nurturing music and unifying expressions of global icon Bob Marley, grandson Skip Marley, as well as other conscious musicians from the Blue Mountain Music Catalog. The music produces a spiritual enrichment and the beautiful settings of water and greenery induce a meditative state of mind. The OneFirelight name has musical roots and was inspired by Bob Marley’s classic hit “No Woman, No Cry,” in which “firelight” symbolises hope and light for the future and women shouldn’t shed tears.

Warrior Workout Mosaic

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10 min Dynamic Warmup

Here's a whole-body warmup designed to prep you for a longer workout, or just to fit in a quick session if you're short on time.


30 min Begginer Boxing Full bBody Workout

This introductory class teaches the fundamentals and foundations of boxing and will have you practicing the basics.


20 min Power Strength Workout

Get ready to push your endurance and heart rate with this full body strength circuit workout that combines power moves with pure strength.

Crystal Meditation 01

5 min Crystal Meditation With gemstone Pyrite

A relaxing 5 minute meditation that supports your willpower, creativity, and ability to manifest your goals and dreams


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