Movement Fundamentals Guide

This collection of 6 videos is designed to teach you how to execute specific exercise poses incorporated into many of our workouts. Each video breaks down one pose into its fundamental components empowering you to move with confidence while you take a class.Whether you’re just embarking on your exercise journey or seeking to ensure precise alignment and safety in your workouts, these videos offer an excellent starting point for your fitness goals!


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Our instructors are all focused on bringing a mind, body, spirit vibe to the fitness world. They all share the same belief: That the physical and emotional strength of every human being is vital to embracing the world.

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Create Mosaics, your own fitness programs

A custom fitness program that you create by mixing and combining different favorite classes and instructors. Your personal Mosaics can be saved and revisited at any time.

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  • All levels

  • From warm up to cool down

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