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Meditation Stone helps overcome bad habits

By OneFirelight

Meditation helps to overcome bad habits

Meditation can help people overcome bad habits that seem to occur automatically. When people start doing things on “auto-pilot,” they…

Kickboxing relieve stresswith Danny instructor

By OneFirelight

Kickboxing relieve stress, anxiety, depression and ADHD

Raquel “Rocky” Harris, a World Championship Tournament Gold Medal winner  says“ Regular training in kickboxing relieve stress, and symptoms of…

Improve Strength with PJ instructor onefirelight

By OneFirelight

Improve Strength with minimal training

Most of the studies done about the benefits of quick, intense workouts involve interval training and aerobics. As news spread…

Pilates to build core strength- Pilar instructor falls jamaica

By OneFirelight

Pilates to build core strength, enhance flexibility and heal

Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer, invented Pilates during WW I and referred to his core-building movements as “contrology.” Even…

Instructors at OneFirelight Abigail

By OneFirelight

Sound Healing brings the body into balance and harmony

Some historians believe that sound healing may have begun 40,000 years ago. It is a practice that has endured and…

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