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Welcome to OneFirelight®

The Place For Holistic, Spiritual And Physical Workouts

  • Inspired by Bob Marley

  • Classes for All Levels Taught by Certified Instructors with a Mind, Body, Spirit Focus

  • From Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing to Strength Training and Cardio

  • Streaming On-Demand

Some of our classes to...

Calm Your Mind


Black Tourmaline – 5 min Crystal Meditation

During this beautiful meditation you'll feel the protective and grounding energy of Black Tourmaline.


10 min Sound Meditation

This meditation class uses Tibetan singing bowls to encourage complete relaxation and a deep sense of peace.


10 min Move and Breathe

Take a break in your day to move and breathe with this class, a great way to reset and release some stress.

Move Your Body


45 min Boxing Full Body Workout

Challenge yourself with this full body, technique-driven boxing HIIT workout focusing on moves.


45 min Signature Pilates

Emphasizing muscle balance throughout optimal posture and core stability.


20 min Groove

Let yourself go and dive into the music. Get your heart pumping with this full body workout and find your groove!

Nourish Your Soul


20 min Heart Chakra

In this class we'll practice 20 minutes of gentle movement (asana) to balance and energize the heart chakra.


Share & Connect

Saadiq brings you into his element of joyous remembrance through the meal preparation as an ancestral offering.


20 min Meditation

This class offers a 20-minute peaceful guided meditation practice, perfect for any time of day.

Explore the Spirit of OneFirelight

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Fitness with the soul-nourishing energy of music and nature.

We’re a part of nature. Its limitless beauty, diversity, and power of rebirth are there to inspire us to be our best selves. Our inner and outer strength are nurtured by music, which has been shown to increase performance and stamina during exercise as well as improve our mood by modifying brain waves.


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Unlock holistic well-being with OneFirelight gift cards. Explore yoga, meditation, sound healing, crystal sessions, and strength training with uplifting Reggae music by Bob Marley, Skip Marley, and more. Available in 3, 6, and 12-month options.

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