Drew Kaboom is a shamanic sound healer, emcee, and audio professional. Drew is a reiki grand master traditionally trained in shamanic sound therapy, and a yoga teacher training in sound. Drew offers sound healing, reiki, and meditation as co-owner of Artemis Audio & Ayurveda.


What form of exercise do you teach?


Sound Healing via Crystal & Mixed Metal Singing Bowls.

What does your exercise do for you - outside and inside?


Sound Healing helps improve sleep and reduce stress. It uses tonal frequencies to balance and harmonize the body’s vibrations.

What is your favorite inspirational or motivational quote?


"When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.”— Eleanor Roosevelt.

What's your favorite reggae song? What does it mean to you?


Is This Love by Bob Marley. It’s a beautiful song that demonstrates his willingness to commit his energy to his beloved.

What does nature mean to you? How does it inspire you?


Nature is designed by itself. I’m inspired everyday observing the ways nature commands its own destiny. Nature is a patient teacher. Its teaching can be perceived as: be as you are.

How can our natural world help bring people closer to their true natures?


Confidence comes with knowing who and what you are. Being closer to nature can help tremendously because nature is always itself.

How can exercise make us stronger human beings, better able to connect with others and embrace everyone's right to thrive?


Exercise assists in making us stronger, sharper, and more energetic. When we exercise we’re creating new pathways for energy to flow or be expelled. This gives birth to inner harmony which we share openly in elation. This brings kindness which nullifies discouragement.

Why is it important for us to connect with other human beings?


Human connection is important because we are all one. We are all pieces of one enormous whole. One cannot grow without the other. At times even one’s own strength is dependent on another for guidance.

What does the phrase "One World, One Love" mean to you?


To me it symbolizes the idea that love is meant for every being.

In a universe of exercise platforms, what makes OneFirelight special?


OneFirelight is special because self care/love is crucial and they’ve taken a unique approach by incorporating Marley’s message and influence to introduce love first before any exercise or healing can take place.

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