Madison is an early childhood education teacher for a high risk public school in Brooklyn, NY. As the movement teacher for grades k-3, she brings meditative practices such as breathwork, visualization, mindfulness games, and yoga to the classroom.

“One Love, by bob Marley is a conscious message of unity. We are all one, and what we can achieve together is greater than anything we can achieve alone."


What form of exercise do you teach?


I currently teach Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, and conscious movement strength training to children and adults.

What does your exercise do you for you? Outside and Inside?


I believe that exercise is a natural medicine when approached mindfully. On the outside, it helps me to build and strengthen my foundation, my physical vessel. Internally, it causes the release of necessary neurological chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine which keep me balanced through my day. On an energetic level, it brings me closer to my connection to Self, my true nature, by bridging mind, body and soul through breath and movement.

Whats your favorite Reggae song? What does it mean to you?


My favorite reggae song is the classic “One Love” by bob Marley. I love this song because of its conscious message of unity. We are all one, and what we can achieve together is greater than anything we can achieve alone. One love reminds me to always come from a place of love, a place of union, and to let that be the driving force behind all my actions, thoughts and words. One love, for love, as love.

What does nature mean to you? How does it inspire you?


Nature is connection. Everything in nature is interdependent, and interconnected. For me, it’s important to be outside in nature and to connect with my surroundings. It reminds me that we are not alone, and that there is so much more out there for us. It helps me to step out of the box and into the bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture allows me to tap into my creativity and receptivity for new ideas and approaches.

How can exercise make us stronger human beings, better able to connect with others and embrace everyone's right to thrive?


Everything starts with the Self. When we are fully connected to our true nature, our sense of Self, we are better able to connect with others in an authentic way. Exercise is the channel connecting the physical body with the energetic one. Once we can connect with our true nature, we can then uplift each other and embrace our unique differences. Similarly, the more one focuses on reconnecting with the Self, the less time and space there is to focus on others. With a focused lens, one can see the the bigger picture: we all are here with a unique purpose and contribution to offer to the world.

Why is it important for us to connect with other human beings?


What we can accomplish together is greater than anything we can achieve alone. We are all connected and there is such power and the beauty in that. The sooner we are able to recognize that, the sooner we can make the changes and creations that uplift, inspire and support each other. When we do that, the whole world sings.

What does the phrase "One World, One Love" mean to you?


"One World, One Love" means unity. It means means the unifying of breath and energy, hard and soft, and soul and body, earth and humanity, as one whole through love. "One World, One Love" means that everything in the world makes up the whole, from the human beings of all races, genders, and perspectives to the creations in the sky, land and sea. It reminds us that we are not separated from opposites, or even that our bodies and minds are separate—instead, it show us that all of those things make up the whole, complete world that we live in, united by love.

In a universe of exercise platforms, what makes OneFirelight special?


One fire light is so special because it is a community of creators, united under the common belief that we are all one. Each class is an embodied experience of unity and love, carried by the conscious music of mystic Jamaica, and that is what makes this platform so special.

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