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Jessica Feldman is a certified yoga instructor with over two decades of experience. Her love for yoga began as a 9-year old on a trip to Switzerland, where she was welcomed by her hotel's resident instructors and felt right at home practicing the ancient art. In 1997, after working long, tiring days in commercial film editing, Jessica walked into a nearby studio and decided to make yoga her full-time career. She was certified through Yoga Zone (now ISHTA Yoga), and found her path back to herself through teaching others. Jessica’s classes deliver a well-rounded combination of movement, held postures, breathing, and meditation tailored to fit the needs of her students, mentally and physically. She is a pioneer in bringing meditation to the corporate world and has taught at companies such as WeWork and Fischer Travel. Jessica has a gift for distilling ancient teachings, backing them up with scientific research, and making it accessible to the mainstream work environment. She is also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner as well as a Holistic Health Coach, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2017.


What Form of Exercise do you teach?

Jessica Feldman

Yoga and Meditation.

What does your exercise do for you? Outside and Inside?

Jessica Feldman

Yoga allows me to slow down and connect to my body. When I practice yoga my focus goes from being up in my head to being in the present moment on my mat. I get to slow down my breath, which calms my nervous system. I get to strengthen and lengthen my muscles and create space in my body keeping it supple, strong and hopefully pain-free for years to come. When I'm meditating, I get to step back from the cyclone of thoughts in my head and notice what is coming up in that present moment experience. I get to sit and be with myself and feel my feelings. Mediation also allows me to connect to higher power, my spirit guides, and my angles.

What's your favorite reggae song? What does it mean to you?

Jessica Feldman

My favorite Bob Marley song is "Three Little Birds," although it's really hard to pick one! That song reminds me that I'm not in control of everything and that I need to have faith that every little thing is going to be alright.

What does nature mean to you? How does it inspire you?

Jessica Feldman

Nature is everything to me! During the pandemic I fell in love with hiking and being out in nature. I love the trees, the way the air smells , the way the light shines through the trees, and the way nature is an endless cycle of growth and death. I recently moved from NYC where I lived for over 30 years to Florida. I'm fortunate enough to be able to walk to the beach from my house! Being at the ocean fills my soul! I feel so lucky to be able to now live in a place where i get to experience so much nature all the time! It makes me so happy! It inspires me to create art and to stay in a state of wonderment!!

How can exercise make us stronger human beings, better able to connect with others and embrace everyone's right to thrive?

Jessica Feldman

The pay-off from exercising is that I feel better; I feel stronger mentally and spiritually, and I feel more connected to myself which then allows me to embrace others and their right to thrive.

Why is it important for us to connect with other human beings?

Jessica Feldman

Humans are meant to connect with one another. There have been numerous studies on how social connection boosts mood, reduces stress, and improves self-esteem. Social connection is a contributing factor to our health and longevity. Also, when we connect with others and support each other, we can do amazing things to create change for the better!

What does the phrase "One World, One Love" mean to you?

Jessica Feldman

To me, it means the experience of love is universal and it connects us all together; therefore, none of us is separate from the others.

In a universe of exercise platforms, what makes OneFirelight special?

Jessica Feldman

What sets OneFirelight apart from the other exercise platforms is that all the classes are shot in nature, which feels relaxing and also inspiring, especially if I'm working out from inside my home. I only realized how spiritual reggae music was once I joined OneFirelight. Wow! It was a mindblowing discovery. Other exercise platforms focus solely on superficial perfection; Onefirlight wants everyone to feel inspired by nature and part of a community that cares for each other. I don't know any other platform that does this!

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