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Strength Training

Idi is a New York City based strength and conditioning coach with a passion for improving quality of life through fitness and positive mindset. His training philosophy centers around building a strong foundation of movement quality, and then layering strength and conditioning on top of that. He believes in empowering his clients to take responsibility for their results through mindful practice, education, and a collaborative approach.

It‘s never too late to be what you could’ve been.

- George Eliot


What form of exercise do you teach?

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What does your exercise do for you - outside and inside?

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Makes me feel accomplished inside and Strong and resilient outside.

What is your favorite inspirational or motivational quote?

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Its never to late to be what you could’ve been (George Eliot).

What's your favorite reggae song? What does it mean to you?

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"Three Little Birds" — it means that every day the sun comes out is a great day, and is another opportunity to make a positive change.

What does nature mean to you? How does it inspire you?

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It means the world we live in which includes animals, plants and people. Inspires me when I see people doing everything they can do coexist with plants and animals to make it sustainable for the future.

How can our natural world help bring people closer to their true natures?

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By experiencing nature often it will increase ones motivation to be one to maintain and even improve this around them.

How can exercise make us stronger human beings, better able to connect with others and embrace everyone's right to thrive?

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By regularly implementing exercise into you daily routine this will reduce stress which will improve your mood. With less stress and better mood this makes it easier for us to seeking others to connect with.

Why is it important for us to connect with other human beings?

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To have shared experiences, relatable feelings, or similar ideas. It is the feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself.

What does the phrase "One World, One Love" mean to you?

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In a universe of exercise platforms, what makes OneFirelight special?

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Combines Mind – Body – Soul

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